Preconception Reflexology

Trying for baby can be an emotional time and if you have been trying for some time it can leave you feeling anxious, stressed and disappointed.

There are many factors that can affect fertility such as diet, nutrition, health problems, lifestyle and stress. Some couples find that there seems to be no explanation as to the reason for not being able to conceive.

The presence of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol can interfere with the functioning of the reproductive organs. Prolonged periods of stress can cause the endocrine (hormonal) system of the body to become thrown out of balance.

Preconception reflexology aims to help with reducing stress and anxiety, improving wellbeing and may be able to help with sleep and balancing the hormones in your body. These are all factors that are important for conception.

Wellbeing Treatment does not claim to diagnose medical problems, cure illnesses or state that preconception reflexology treatments will result in pregnancy. The reflexology treatments offered are beneficial in helping to improve wellbeing and reducing stress levels which can play a part in infertility. Reflexology is a complementary therapy which means it can be safely used alongside conventional medical treatment.

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Preconception reflexology treatments

The first session will last for one hour in total. First we will complete a health care consultation form and have a discussion about fertility awareness. We will look at factors such as diet, nutrition, stress, illness and medical conditions. This will be followed by a reflexology treatment lasting 45 minutes. After you will be taught simple hand reflexology techniques that you can do yourself at home to enhance your treatments. You will also receive a self help guide to take away with you.

The frequency of sessions will be agreed to suit your needs and discounts for block bookings are available.

Ideally you should take up preconception reflexology treatments around 3-4 months before trying to conceive as sperm take 4 months to mature and the life cycle of an egg in preparation for ovulation is 90 days.


Pregnancy Reflexology

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Throughout pregnancy many changes take place in a woman’s body and the disruption in hormone levels can sometimes cause a variety of problems. Reflexology can help with relaxation and stress relief and may help bring balance to the body. Regular treatments can be tailored to try to help problems such as:

  • Digestive problems
  • Backache
  • Blood sugar disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Swelling in ankles and feet
Pregnancy reflexology treatments

Reflexology treatments can only commence once you have passed your first trimester. After this you can have regular sessions according to your needs. You may want treatments to help with particular pregnancy related conditions or you may just want to come for relaxation. During the last trimester you may be in need of more relaxation and as you are preparing for the birth, regular reflexology can help you to look after yourself.

From weeks 37 to 40 of your pregnancy the treatments can be adapted to focus on specific reflexes aimed to help promote natural labour. Although baby will only arrive when he or she is ready, some women have found that they go into labour within a few days of reflexology at this stage and have experienced a shorter labour as found in this study  conducted in the maternity unit at Walsall Manor Hospital

Postnatal Care Reflexology

Your body goes through a lot throughout pregnancy and during labour. After you have given birth your emotions will be effected by the disruption to your hormones, lack of sleep and being worn out.  Reflexology can be very helpful at this time as it is relaxing and could help the body to heal itself naturally and restore balance to the endocrine system and all other systems of the body. Reflexology may be able to help with improving your mood and calming the mind as well as rejuvenating you.

Post natal reflexology treatments provide the perfect opportunity for you to look after your health and give you some essential time for yourself. If required, Wellbeing Treatment can provide mobile treatments in the comfort of your home so you don’t need to worry about travel time. Let your partner, family member or friend watch over baby while you enjoy your treatment. If this is not possible you can have your treatment with baby in the room.

Postnatal reflexology treatments

Weekly or fortnightly sessions are recommended for a course of 6 sessions.