Reduce Your Anxiety By Pressing this Point

Reduce Your Anxiety By Pressing this Point

Reduce Your Anxiety; De-stress button

reduce your anxietyWouldn’t it be fabulous if you had a de-stress button you could press that would reduce your anxiety? A way of making you feel calmer and relaxed? Well as it happens we each have this ‘button’ and we can press it anytime. Located in the centre of our hands is our solar plexus reflex point. We also have this reflex on the soles of our feet. Taking your shoes and socks off in the middle of a stressful meeting or whilst standing at a bus stop stressed out as you’ve missed your bus, the next one was due 10 minutes ago and now you’re late for work; would generate some funny looks to say the least.

Working this point on your hands can be done discreetly if the situation requires. All you have to do is press, pay attention to your breathing and you’ll feel calmer, grounded and less overwhelmed.

So what is the solar plexus? How can pressing the middle of your hand reduce anxiety?

Solar Plexus point on right hand

The solar plexus also known as the celiac ganglion. It’s a network of nerves located in the abdomen where the ribcage meets the stomach at the level of the diaphragm. This network of nerves reaches all parts of the abdominal cavity innervating the digestive organs. The solar plexus acts as a nerve switchboard and referred to as the abdominal brain. It plays a role in the functioning of the autonomic nervous system which controls automatic processes in the body such as digestion. Reflexology works on the principle that pressure points or reflexes on the hands and feet are associated with each area of the body. Thereby working the solar plexus reflex point can have a calming effect on the nervous system therefore helping reduce your anxiety.

I often work this point at the beginning of a reflexology treatment to help relax a client and focus on it if they have digestive or nervous system disorders. I always end my treatments by pressing the point on both feet and asking my client to take three deep breaths as it has a balancing effect on them.

Where is the solar plexus located and how do I work it?

Cup your hand and you will see a dip in the middle of the palm in line with the third finger. Press this point using the thumb of your opposite hand. Hold that point for around 60 seconds, either making gentle circular movements with the pad of your thumb or simply holding and applying static pressure.

To work the solar plexus reflexes on the feet it’s a good idea to ask someone to do this for you. Squeeze the toes together and you will see a deep crease. Place your thumb at the bottom of the crease just underneath the ball of the foot and hold this point. You can work both feet at the same time or alternately.

Sensitive point

This point can feel tender if you have been stressed out for some time. If it feels sensitive work gently gradually increasing the pressure. Hold the point until you feel the sensitivity has eased. For a point that feels tight, try to unwind it. Rotate the thumb you are using to apply the pressure in an anticlockwise direction. As you work the solar plexus point breathe deeply and focus your attention on your breathing.

Hit the de-stress button and reduce your anxiety

The next time you feel stressed or find your anxiety levels rising, try working on your solar plexus reflex point. Press your de-stress button, take some deep breaths and feel the calming effect take over.